Bucket List

Yo, it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted something on here… to be honest there were a bunch of times when I thought about it, and knew it would probably make me feel better, but something always stopped me and I just never got around to it. It’s weird to read my old posts and see what I was thinking back then, I think that’s the coolest thing about ‘journaling’. It helps you to remember what you were feeling at a certain time in a way that you probably wouldn’t be able to off the top of your head. Ugh, I really should be doing this more often.

But anyways here I am! Recently I’ve been thinking about my goals, and the experiences that I would like to have. So what better way to put it all together than with a bucket list? There will be more added but here we go.

Bucket List:

– Visit Greece.

– Live in a big city.

– Visit Tibet.

– Revisit the Scottish Highlands.

– Maintain a healthy physique.


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