Things that make me feel better

Hey there! I know it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a post… I sort of went through a phase where I thought I could just handle everything in my head. I am no longer in that stage and I think I need to start writing things down again! Firstly, Happy New Year! I had a great vacation with my family in Hawaii, it was much needed – both the heat and the love! I had a rough night on New Years though.. it was conflict that I don’t think will ever be resolved in my lifetime –  good ol’ personality clashes. I don’t really want to talk about it though, it is something that I think I have accepted and I’m just focusing on moving forward. My first week back at res has been fab though, I loved seeing my friends and I’ve made a few new ones too who I am pretty sure are going to have a huge impact on my life. Although, I’ve found myself easily loosing track of what’s really important and floating back to old thoughts and bad habits that NEED to be eliminated from my life. I thought it would be good to take a second and write down all the things that bring me joy and love, and the things that have shown to be mood inflaters rather than mood killers. Also, don’t you just love that urge to write down a whole bunch of things at once because you don’t want to forget any of it? Me right now!

1. Finding new music – I don’t know what it is, but exploring and downloading new music makes me so happy and content, even though I’ll probably overplay it very soon.

2. Telling people how I really feel – Those moments where you take the opportunity that is dangling in front of you to say “hey, can I ask you about something?” and then realising those little nuggets of stress or wisdom into the world to be free.

3. Having that person reciprocate those feelings – Very few things are better than really connecting with somebody and having somebody truly understand and agree, a huge wave of calmness and relief just rushes comes me.

4. Working out – It is really true what they say, exercising brings you a high like no other! By making my body stronger I feel like it somehow makes my mind stronger, and definitely gives me more confidence. Although you may not feel like it, get up and go and you will thank  yourself.

5. Wearing cute things – It’s true! Wearing a cute outfit or dressing up a little bit really makes me feel like a superstar. The feelings of awesomeness from this wonderful decision is amplified from #4, working out. When you get up there and work your booty, you are more likely to want to show off that booty in cute things! Fact!

6. Being productive – Doing things, making dates with friends, organising plans, all of these things bring me immense fulfilment and happiness. When I do something rather than watching an episode of Greys. I feel better. Not to say that watching TV makes me feel bad, but when I’ve gone out and done something it feels more like a reward, and I enjoy it more and feel good about having my ‘me’ time.

7. Being needed – This one is a little bit different from all the others, because it’s more something that I can’t really control and not an activity – it depends on the actions of others. I don’t particularily enjoy when people are being needy, but i love being needed. Want me to come to the gym with you? For sure. Need me to pick something up for you? Yup (most of the time)! Need me to quiz you for your test? Absolutely! I love when my friends ask me to do something with them or for them, I love feeling active in their lives and that they’d choose me to do something with them. I know I’m not everyones first choice, but I just feel so happy when people ask me for once!

That’s all I can think of off of the top of my head, but I love so many things that I’m sure I’ll share with you sooner or later. As easy as it is to say “fuck what anyone thinks” and “I give no shits” when it comes to things (and it is a lot easier said than done), I think it’s better to just focus on all the positive things you have going for you and to not resort to not caring. Give shits, just give shits for the right things. Get out there and let stuff happen to you. That’s all I have for tonight; goodnight lovelies!


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